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Setting up a business in Russia

Foreign legal entities are allowed to conduct trade activities under the same conditions and to the same extent as Russian entrepreneurs. They may become founders or cofounders of a company, or may join an existing Russian company.

Foreign companies may operate in Russian Federation, either by establishing a branch office registered in Russia or by establishing a Russian company. There are different legal forms of companies; the most common are limited liability companies (ooo) and joint-stock companies (oao, zao).

Orbita-Audit provides servise of Setting up a business in Russia. Our emphasis is on quality and speed.

We provide experienced, fast and reliable registration services for companies in Russia:

  • Registration of Limited Liability Company
  • Registration of Joint-Stock Company
  • Registration of Subsidiary in Russia
  • Registration of Branch in Russia
  • Registration of Representative office in Russia
  • Registration of Charitable organization in Russia
  • Registration of Uncommercial partnership in Russia